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Modifyingthe 5508W Terestial Pay TVreceiver

forATV use on 444.25Mhz

Part 2
What if the receiver shows an error code?

The error code generally means that the unit has been disabled and a message to this effect will be displayed on your TV screen.
To be able to make a disabled unit work we will have to
-modify the tuner to lock it to the UHF band
-bypass the disabled mesage on the screen
-enable the audio which has been muted
as well as the tuning modification already discussed

Enabling the UHF band

To enable the UHF band you will need to solder a wire link betweenthe collector and emitter of one of the 4 SMD band transistors in thetuner
Solder the wire link around the lower SMD transistor (the thick yellowline in the picture). Alternatively the right side of the transistorcan be linked to three other points as shown by the red circles.

The diagram is for the earlier version of the tuner. (If your tunerhas 2 SMD IC's on the solder side of the board, please check this pagefor updates , as when one has been evaluated I will put the detailshere.)

Enabling Video

To allow the video to bypass the "this unit is disabled"message cut wire link W428 and then connect a wire between L407 and therear end of R326.

Enabling Audio

To remove the audio mute simply cut L501 and R309

Your receiver should now work
There is no need to "turn it on" as it will be working as soon as it is plugged in.
You might need to connect the antenna to the socket marked "cable"
If your unit has an adapter on the back that connects into the cable socket, then unscrew and remove it, you won't need it.

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