This SSTV CAM is a collaboration between VK7MAG and VK7OO to help generate more interest in SSTV on 10m.

SSTV images are uploaded automatically from 10m (28.680Mhz)

Slant correction is turned off
You can easily compare your picture slant to those of others

SSTV Disclaimer: If a ham decides to send an inappropriate image, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Most hams are far too responsible, so the risk is very low.. The responsibility rests entirely at the station which transmits such pictures.

Number of images to display
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This page will automatically refresh every 3 minutes
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This sstvcam runs 24/7. That is it is never turned off (except if the power fails)

The time stamp on each image is UTC time & is the time the image began being received (typically 2 minutes before it is posted to the web).

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